About Us We're Team MedMed!

MedMed is an awesome application that allows doctors and patients to manage complicated prescription regimens. A doctor can add a patient, assign them a prescription, and monitor their patient's compliance. A patient can see what scheduled medication they have to take, report any side effects they might have, and receive text reminders.

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Ben Brattain
Coding Boo

I'm super sneaky. As soon as you've looked away I've built something else!

Joe 7dadbed356dce42b2dcf6f74b958737ce79ff4ba08e6eea3ce480205276e46c1

Joe Sutker

I love programming in my awesome shell!

Liz b8779f4ba30d36e99782291efa4b93dc4196ab3b186f194c7f2f726e40cf7ce7

Elizabeth Lovero
Bob-omb Engineer

Light the fuse and my code compiles like explosions in the sky!

Lia 27b4f3a14889a5ae5634c8b2feb9a9bcc0ddedb94f2063647e1231d3e3d54afc

Lia Skalkos
Shy Guy Developer

I'm really humble about how good of a developer I am.